Porject Type: Hospitality

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Size: 100,000 SF

Status: Proposal

The North Shore Golf Resort is an existing international standard 18 holes golf course situated at the north tip of Taiwan, near a cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Visitors seeking relief from Taipei’s fast-paced and busy commotions are embraced with sea breeze, sunsets and golf with the expanse of the Pacific Ocean as backdrop. The design proposal integrates a 100-unit hotel with a golf club house to the existing resort. Living quarters are arranged along a single-loaded corridor that faces the open golf course. The hotel mass is elevated above the golf club and cantilevers towards the ocean. The club house hosts restaurants, banquet halls in the second floor, and lockers, cafĂ©, and professional shop at the ground level. The back of house and service spaces are in the center core, and the service circulation is completely separate from the public circulation.