Porject Type: Residential

Location: New York, NY

Size: 12,000 SF

Status: In Progress

Located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, one block away from the American Museum of Natural History and two blocks away from Central Park, this 1890 landmarked brownstone is retrofitted with a modern single-family house. The Renaissance Revival fa├žade remains untouched, but the interior is completely gutted to retrofit a modern single-family home. The entrance at the first floor opens up to a grand, double-height parlor, and a hallway leads to the more private library space in the back of the house. The second floor to fourth floor hosts bedrooms each equipped with a full bathroom. Each floor includes a kitchen and shared common space. Above the existing brownstone, a two-story penthouse addition hosts the master suite. The service entrance at the garden level leads to a full kitchen. A hallway leads to the dining room that opens to the backyard for outdoor dining. The entertainment and fitness programs anchor the entire house underground, with a wine cellar, multimedia room, gym, racquet ball court, saunas, and a pool. The house is supported by a cantilevered stairs enclosed in continuous glass walls and a commercial elevator at the building’s core.