Porject Type: Urban Planning

Location: Xiamen, China

Size: 15,000,000 SF

Status: Proposal

The West Seaport Development, located at the western waterfront of Xiamen, was conceived through various site conditions that contextualize its site planning. It is divided into three distinct zones. The promenade alludes to the ebb and flow of the waves and creates a dynamic pedestrian zone along the waterfront. Walkways interweaves local eateries and boutiques with landscaped niches of green spaces and water features. These paths lead the foot of Xiamen Bridge, where a marina offers rentable docks, restaurants, boat maintenance and a variety of recreational activities such as skiing, sailing, canoeing, and yachting. The residential towers are broken down into 3 undulating masses that maximize ocean views while avoid to be perceived as dauntingly massive. Sky bridges between each form maintain physical connectivity and provide cross-circulation for residents.