Porject Type: Commercial

Location: Xiamen, China

Size: 600,000 SF

Status: Proposal

The objective of the Xiamen International Airport proposal is to achieve efficient passenger flow and local connectivity while creating a sense of belonging for travelers arriving and departing the city. Located in the northwest region of the Xiamen Island, the existing Terminal 1 building will be demolished and rebuilt. A parabolic cross section roof line sweeps across the complex in a single gesture. Diamond pleated skylights not only maximize natural light penetration but also denote program changes from public to private by regulating skylight sizes. Higher clearance departure area on the landside allows deep sunlight penetration from the glazing at the perimeters. The stacked multi-function belt contains utilities, airport operations, passenger services and retails. Elevated hold rooms overlook the entire airport field in a panoramic view. The pleated glass facade establishes a sense of scale in an urban perspective. An elevated bridge maintains a physical continuity to the existing Terminal 3.