Porject Type: Commercial

Location: Queens, NY

Size: 5,000 SF

Status: Completed

Wedding Box Inc. is a bridal shop that provides all inclusive wedding services from wedding photography, gowns, and floral arrangements to limo service, entertainment, and party favors. Located at 3657 Main St, Flushing, NY, the owners purchased the two-story commercial building that was partitioned to four separate retail spaces. Three ground floor storefronts were rented out, with one storefront left as entrance for the bridal shop. The partition walls on the second floor were pealed back and punctured to encompass various bridal shop programs. At the ground floor, a frame of seemingly floating I-beams with inset lighting encases wedding gowns in a glass display box. The main curve stair with skylight and lighting above was designed to double as backdrop in wedding photographs. The stairs then lead to a waiting living room area and a freestanding mirror on a platform for gown and tuxedo fittings. Gowns are displayed and stored in the adjacent volume. A digital media room, make-up room, sewing room, and a fully equipped photography studio are accessed by two hallways at the polar ends of the space, differentiating between service and visitor circulation.