154-17 9 AVE.

Porject Type: Residential

Location: Queens, NY

Size: 4,000 SF

Status: Proposal

Situated in a residential neighborhood between the Whitestone Bridge and the Throgs Neck Bridge in Queens, NY, this single family home is an undertaking of the courtyard house typology in the New York City area. The owner requested an open courtyard that allows light penetration and blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces within the house. The allowable floor area is maximized to accommodate the client’s growing family. Upon entering the house, the visitor is engaged by a parlor overlooking the courtyard. A hallway leads into the more private dining room and kitchen. A stair leads to the second floor to two bedrooms, each with access to the roof terrace and equipped with a full bathroom. The master bedroom sits at the crown of the house on the third floor, with an open bedroom, walk-in closets, and a master bathroom. An open-air garden further obscures the interior and exterior threshold. The main courtyard brings natural light into the cellar that hosts the living room. A phantom car-lift on the ground floor garage lowers cars into the sub-cellar, where the client displays and stores his luxury car collection.