Porject Type: Hospitality

Location: Xiamen, China

Size: 500,000 SF

Status: Proposal

A high-end hotel is proposed at a major seaport terminal on the west of Xiamen, China. The design challenge is to envelop the hotel and amenity programs in a form that does not obstruct the view of existing luxury residential towers inland. Given the parameters, Studio C proposed an “L” shape geometry, with the hotel program as the vertical mass and the amenity programs occupying the horizontal mass. The hotel is comprised of about 500 units, and the amenity programs include conference centers, ball rooms, restaurants, and retail spaces. All the public spaces with seatings are situated along the seaside to maximize the ocean view, while the commercial spaces are programmed along the roadside to activate pedestrian traffic. The seaside and roadside programs create an interwoven public circulation. The “node” at the junction of hotel lobby and amenity programs create a sense of arrival and departure, parallel to that insinuated by the seaport terminal.