122-02 28TH AVE

Porject Type: Mixed use

Location: Queens, NY

Size: 80,000 SF

Status: Proposal

The New York City Economic Development Corporation requested for design proposals on an existing brownfield located in Queens, New York, that would facilitate business development in the local community. Studio C teamed up with a local developer to envision a fully functioning manufacture building and an accessory office building. The two detached entities are connected by a public plaza and sky bridges. The site is on a corner lot, with one fa├žade facing existing residential buildings. In order to maintain contextual sensitivity to the residences, green walls and landscaping were implemented on the low-rise manufacture building to soften its industrial presence. Due to high water table at the site, all the parking requirement is satisfied on the roof of the manufacture building. The solar panel canopies are installed to provide shading for the roof deck parking.